Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Post Qualification Update

After qualifying, I joined Zeitgeist (a bloodmage applicant), at the Savannah Cave, home of the Bloodmage order. There, I attempted to enter the order's headquarters (to no avail), as it appears that I need more training with the blade before I can enter.There, we battled with the undead guardians of the order, as they failed to recognize us as allies.

Finally, Nacerus offered me a bloodblade, that which I have been pursuing for so long since my arrival here on the island recently.

After many days at work, without adequate rest. I decided that a long deserved nap was needed. I'll be resting for a little bit now, then I will begin my battle to become the youngest bloodmage. Soon, I will be at my goal, and will begin to draw power in order to one day obliterate Mobius and his false Ascendancy.

Finally, I believe that I've made another friend. Another exile who will help me battle Mobius in the end. So far, I have three allies: Xenos, Creed, and Zeitgeist. I will continue to add their names to my list of those who will help me destroy Mobius and his Sentinels, when the time comes.

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