Saturday, September 6, 2008

Journey, Welcome, and Training

Shortly a zodiac or so after arriving on Puddleby Isle, I found my way to Orga Camp One with directions from an exile. I had hoped to join the Full Moon Orga Camp Raid, but was killed, as all the other exiles were further into the Orga Camp.

A kind exile named Xenos was able to save me, and he began to teach me the ways of Puddlebeans, so that I may not die as easily again. Also, so I would be found more easily, through share toggling.

Surely, without Xenos' help. I don't think I'd be able to have the confidence to find my way around Puddleby Isle, but he drilled direction sense into my head.

After leaving the Meadow, Xenos brought me to the Lily Pond, and taught me to battle fierce creatures. He also taught me the value of companions in arms.

Over all, he taught me a great many things. When I have destroyed Mobius' army of Sentinels, and freed the people from the ascendancy, I am sure that he will always have a place at my side, guiding me down the path of righteousness.

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