Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Impressions of the Lok' Groton Island Chain

The journey was long. I was below deck for most of the journey, and was only allowed brief glimpses of sunlight occasionally, when they would take me up for air every week or so. This zodiac-long journey was certainly the most uncomfortable and ill-conceived duty that I have ever faced. Despite what many had said, I do not believe that my exile was legitimate.

Blood-craft should be legal everywhere.

This land is interesting. Many of these self-proclaimed "Puddlebeans", are rather strong. The continual battle with surrounding neighbors has allowed these exiles to build up a large amount of strength. Some day, they may even surpass the strength of Mobius' Sentinels. If that were the case, I will be along-side them, fighting for the freedom that belongs to all of us.

The landscape of "Puddleby Isle" is very interesting. Primarily forested, rocky, with an ocasionaly beach and desert. This island holds many secrets as well. I've learned that there are mysterious beings called "Ancients" here, as well as a mysterious race called "Centuar" that rarely show themselves, and give exiles only limited access to their own island in this chain. The Lok' Groton chain of isles.

Furthermore, the powerful enemies of the exiles are certainly to be reckoned with, the Darshak Theocracy has reached its height in this area, and has grown very powerful. Possibly because of the influence that these powerful exiles have created from their war with the Theocracy and the "Orga" people.

These Orga tribes are highly destructive, and overtly very powerful. Their lands grow in danger the farther that one intrudes into them. Furthermore, this Orga War that is going on has devastated the landscape to the east of Puddleby, obliterating much of the wildlife in the area.

On this island, I believe to have found what I seek... An order of the sanguine. That which I was exiled for in my homeland. Now, I will harness this arcane power to the fullest extent possible.

On this island chain, this power will certainly be attainable. Here, there are no rules. Only power.

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